unlucky traveler & blog search terms

I am an unlucky traveler, and unfortunately not just because of this weekend’s events.

Our trip to Albuquerque started with a meltdown (tears and all) when we dropped Lily off at the kennel. And it didn’t get better from there. On our flight from Columbus to Chicago, a man on our flight had a heart attack and we made an emergency landing in Indianapolis. (The man is okay, Southwest says — how scary!). We then missed our connecting flight in Chicago to go to Albuquerque. Instead, we sat in Chicago for 3 hours to then go to Kansas City and then lastly, to Albuquerque. Columbus to Chicago to Kansas City to Albuquerque — one emergency landing, one missed connection, 2 unplanned and long lay-overs, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Our weekend Saturday was great…we went on a gorgeous hike, ate some great, healthy food, and enjoyed the company of friends. Yesterday morning awoke me with a call from Southwest letting me know our departing flight had been canceled. Just fabulous…not like I don’t have rounds with the doctor this morning! And then everything going into Midway was canceled. Southwest could get us on a flight coming home on TUESDAY. Yeah, that wasn’t an option.

About 2 hours of being on hold and internet itinerary searching later, we found a flight going from Albuquerque to Houston to Columbus. We got it and it left on time (hallelujah!), getting us in to Columbus just after midnight and to our house at nearly 1am. Ew, ew, ew. I am an unlucky traveler I tell you. My Facebook status was no lie, we were at nearly every airport between New Mexico and Texan and Ohio and Missouri in a 60 hour time frame.

Ugh. Happy Monday.


As we near the close of 2010, I urge all of you bloggers to check out the top search terms leading web browserts to your blog this year. It’s a blast. And I need a little humor in my life right about now.

My Favorite 2010 Search Engine Terms:

  • Thank you to 1,300+ people who searched for “Prevention RD” — I am truly flattered. Thank you!
  • To the 47 individuals searching for “vodka sauce and pregnancy” — it’s okay to eat vodka sauce while pregnant. Worry warts! Even though that post had nothing to do with vodka sauce and pregnancy together πŸ™‚
  • 72 people searched for “OIAJ” (AKA oats in a jar). I still think it’s silly and potentially unsafe. But hey, to each their own.
  • 34 booze hounds wants to know more about “beer margaritas” and I hope they tried them – YUM! I have limeade, beer, and tequila all on hand. Dangerous that I am now realizing this. At not even 6am…
  • 17 people after my own heart wanted a “healthy blooming onion“…they came to the right place
  • 614 search engine users want to know “is 5 hour energy safe?” and Mr. P’s post probably lead them astray. Oops.
  • 114 people wanted to know how to make “crock pot Greek yogurt” — hope the tried it! Thumbs up!
  • There were 15 people using the search terms “pile of dirt” and my garden-building experience lead them to me
  • To the 11 people who searched the term “sweaty” and got my site — I sweat a lot, yep. I sweat like a man. No shame.

Question: How was your weekend? πŸ™‚ What’s the funniest search term that’s lead to your blog or lead you to another blog/site this year?

T-9 hours until I can pick up my Lily Monster!!! We’re cuddling ALL night long in this snowy, cold mess!

Monday Funday,



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26 responses to “unlucky traveler & blog search terms

  1. I get “sweaty” as a google search, too! I’m always sitting there thinking about it going, “do I really talk about it that much? geez!”

    Sorry about the flight issues. Quite a few of my friends hare having a hard time getting in/out of Chicago right now… ugh!

  2. Yikes. Sorry the skies weren’t so friendly to you this weekend. Glad you made it home on time, though.

    Most of the Google searches that lead to me make no sense whatsoever.

  3. So glad you got home safely! And were able to enjoy a bit of sunshine and warmth. I’m starting to wonder if leaving tulsa was a good idea for the blistery white north….SHEESH!

  4. thehealthyjunky

    Wow what a mess with the travel! Glad you made it back safely πŸ™‚

  5. Glad you made it home safely!
    I think the funniest google search I’ve gotten is “ugliest feet”! While it’s true that I have very ugly feet, I think I only mentioned it once or twice.

  6. Oh MAN!! That really stinks!! My goodness, a man had a heart attack?! Well, I’m glad he’s safe, and I’m glad you guys made it back home after a LOVELY weekend.
    Are we still on for Wed? If not, really it’s ok, I don’t have much money anyway! I do need to go to Banana and Black and White. I also have to go to Giant Eagle on Sawmill for my BC…..anyway, like you care!
    The search engine words/phrases are hilarious. Sweaty?? So random!! I love looking at these for my own blog, and reading them out loud to Nick, it’s always a great laugh. Oh, and I agree OIAJ are dumb and potentially unsafe.

  7. It’s always SO much fun when you go through your blog search terms–love it!

  8. Weighting For 50

    Wow….sorry to read about all the travel mess! Love the search terms! A couple of mine from just last week “fat lady cooking clip art” and “shaggy dog sushi”. Hilarious!!!

  9. wow. really? And I thought I had just a bad night! Luckily it’s all over chica! Hopefully you’re not too tired at work today!!

  10. Sorry your trip didn’t go so well, but I’m glad you had a nice time on Saturday!

    Hope you’ll have a great week! You really deserve it after the weekend!!!

  11. Yikes! Those flight issues sound terrible!

    My favorite search term leading to my new blog is “crazy dietitian blog”. I always knew I was crazy but then google confirmed it! πŸ™‚

  12. Some weird search terms I’ve had this year:

    “baden baden naked” — wtf?
    “chubby for a bikini” — that’s kinda a downer
    “does adrenasense help female hair loss” — I don’t even know what this means
    “how to cut even pieces of pie” — someone failed grade school geometry, evidently
    “pastry bikini” — sounds delicious
    “идСальноС Π»ΠΈΡ†ΠΎ” — I don’t even know what language this is.

  13. I love the vodka and pregnancy search! I’d assume the alcohol burns off like it does in most cooking.

    Sorry to hear about all your travel troubles! Glad you’re back home safe now.

  14. haha I LOVE the search terms!! I get some crazy/creepy ones every now and then. I try not to think too hard about those ones! πŸ™‚

  15. I heard my brother missed his flights from Chicago to TX as well, along with his first set of finals at grad school :). Luckily my mom hounded him last week and he made arrangements with his professors in advance in case he didn’t get home on time. So sorry you had a crappy weekend…those connecting flights suck big time!

    Glad you did make it home for work this morning though. Have fun with Lily!!

  16. That’s hilarious! Gosh, I always forget to look in my search terms….I’m gonna go look right now! πŸ™‚

  17. Oh my goodness, who searches for some of these things!? Cracks me up. Love it, thanks for the afternoon laugh!

  18. LOL at the search terms!! im going to go look at mine!

  19. Sorry about your crazy travel this weekend! At least you were able to enjoy yourself once you made it to Albuquerque.

    I think the most bizarre google search that lead someone to my sight was “cooky il female becky”. Yeah…. not sure how that person ended up on my sight! hahaha!

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  21. Oh no, I’m sorry to hear about your traveling troubles, Nicole! I’m glad you and Mr. P made it home safely though. Love the search terms, too funny! My craziest search term is “poisonous mushrooms”…no idea why that would lead to my site, lol!

  22. I’m sorry that your travels have been so stressful! Hopefully the next couple days are calm but at least your pictures are gorgeous and you had a lovely time πŸ™‚

  23. Gracious me, Nicole! You ARE one unlucky traveler! I’ve had a few lousy trips, but nothing compares to your experience. I can’t even imagine being on a flight when someone is having a heart attack. You must be all tuckered out, especially arriving back at 1am. That’s about my worst nightmare (I like to be in bed by 10pm πŸ˜› ). Glad you made it back safely!

    I had to laugh at some of your search terms! “Pile of dirt” ad “sweaty” – love it! πŸ˜‰ Have a great one, Nicole!

  24. I get a ton of searches about sweet potato tots. Because once I asked if they exist. I wish I had a recipe for them since apparently a lot of people are looking for one.

  25. At least it wasn’t Planes,Trains and Automobiles bad! Not quite anyways πŸ™‚

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