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Blogger Secret Ingredient

I am honored to be hosting this week’s BSI Contest! Thank you, Alison, for passing along the opportunity! 😀

The rules go something like this:

  • The host picks an ingredient, preferable one that is in season, readily available, and not too expensive
  • The host links back to all other previous weekly hosts (see below)
  • Participants create a unique recipe using the BSI and email (or you can comment with a link) the host their recipes.
  • You do not need to have a food blog to participate, and you do not have to submit a photograph
  • If you do not have a blog, you can email the host ( directly and it will be posted on my blog
  • The host reviews recipes Sunday evening of each week and picks a favorite (Sunday, June 6th at 5PM Central Time)
  • The winner is posted Monday morning and recieves a price of the host’s choice

As soon as Alison asked me to host the BSI Contest this week, I began brainstorming a list of possible secret ingredients. It was tough to choose!

For this week’s Blogger Secret Ingredient, I chose…


Here are our previous hosts and secret ingredients:

Why paprika?

I’m out and NEED to get more! It’s one of my favorite spices to use, especially for grilling. Paprika has 6-9x the Vitamin C of tomatoes and aids in saliva production and proper digestion. Paprika is also an antibacterial agent, improves circulation, and can lower blood pressure. What a secret ingredient to use more of in your kitchen, eh!?

Willing participants, please send me your unique recipes using paprika by Sunday, June 6th at 5PM Central Time. My email address is! Thanks for participating!

Paprika love,



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summer workout challenge

I’m not gunna lie, I’ve managed a mere 3 runs and 2 hockey games since my 1/2 marathon on May 15th. Pathetic. I’m feeling as though I’ve lost my stride with exercise…a rut, even.

In selfishly timely fashion, Biz posted a 101 days of summer challenge. Immediately I knew I needed (and wanted) to jump on the opportunity to kick things into high gear. I let this challenge roll over in my brain today and I decided to use Alison’s daily mile goal as my challenge…with a modification.

Lately, any excuse in the book popped into my head as to why the present day isn’t a good day to workout. Topping the list…always: I’m tired. Darn it, I am tired! It’s all I have in me to keep my eyes awake at the wheel during my 30 mile commute home on Thursday afternoons here lately. And then of course my vain excuse: if I don’t workout tonight, I can get by without washing and drying and straightening my hair for tomorrow (Note: I know I’m one of the lucky ones who can easily go 2+ days without getting the “greasy” look!). Hello, 5:30am comes early enough as is! Oh, to be a man. And then the excuse I used earlier this week: running after eating = cramps, bloat, and the feeling of imminent up-chuck (TMI?). BUT, I could always walk or wait til later.

I did really well with my April DO What You DON’T Challenge that I set before myself and many of you. So voicing my 101 Days of Summer Challenge HERE for you all to see is accountability in and of itself. Plus, I would never lie to Biz on my progress!! 😉

101 Days of Summer Challenge Goal: Run 1 mile AT LEAST 70 days.

While this does not SOUND lofty, my issue is not the running…it’s the motivation to start. If I can bear a mile, I can nearly guarantee that most, if not all, of those runs will turn into 2…3…4…5…6…maybe even 7 milers. Okay, that may be a stretch…but possible!

I know a lot of health, food, and fitness bloggers do way more than this each day, but days seem to be dropping like flies and I want to do what I can to 1) keep up with the speed of life and 2) make the most of each day mentally and physically — something I’ve put on the back burner in the past few weeks.

If YOU, too, are in a bit of a rut or lacking the motivation or drive to reach a goal, join Biz’s challenge! I double-dog dare you! 😉

Mr. Prevention and I are road tripping to Lincoln, Nebraska for the weekend! I am not sure how plugged in I will be, but I will be around at some point. Have a wonderful, safe, and tasty Memorial Day weekend…I hope everyone gets at least a 3-day weekend! 😉 I have my workout clothes packed, as well as my Garmin. While the challenge doesn’t start until Memorial Day, I plan to get in the workout groove before then!

And Happy 25th Birthday to my BFF, Kristen if she’s reading this!

Question: What keeps you from entering a workout rut? Do you set workout goals for yourself to stay motivated and on-track with your long-term goals of health and wellness? Will you be joining Biz’s 101 Days of Summer Challenge? 🙂

Catch you in Lincoln,


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I miss the kitchen!

Still nursing my princess back to health…

This week has been such a lame week in the Prevention Kitchen. I normally cook multiple delicious meals throughout the week but with my family’s visit last weekend and our Memorial Day weekend trip to Lincoln, Nebraska this weekend, we have opted out of grocery shopping. And thus, no new recipes have been tried and thus no fun blog posts have been made. Sorry 😦

My blog traffic looks like this \ — plummeting!

Need…recipes…soon! Miss…cooking…and…real….tasty…healthy…food!

Instead of being über creative (because…I’m not) I gave in to Mr. Prevention’s cravings…

At least it had spinach as a topping…? O:-)

Another note to self: No meal planning for the week leads to unhealthy, non-tasty dinners!


I tried Muscle Milk Light this week after hearing rave reviews from patients — patients like my Lap Banders who have higher protein requirements after surgery. I was really impressed with the product.

Interesting ingredients:

sunflower and/or safflower oil
medium chain trigylcerides (MCT)

I talked a bit about the role of MCT oil in my Coconut Oil: Health Food or Health Fad post. For my post-op patients, I give MCT a huge thumbs up. I also enjoyed seeing the mono and polyunsaturated fatty acid rich oils, sunflower and safflower, on the ingredient list.

Nutrition Stats (per 14 ounces): 160 calories; 4.5 g. fat (1 g. saturated); 340 mg. sodium; 10 g. carbohydrate; 5 g. fiber; 20 g. protein

Cost: $1.50/bottle

Added benefits: Lactose-free

Protein sources: Soy and whey

Taste: Yummmm!!! Muscle Milk Light (Chocolate) was delicious! I really look forward to using this product in the future and recommending it to my patients.

Question: Have you heard of or tried Muscle Milk?

P.S. If you haven’t seen the recently research on refuted benefits of organic produce, check it out!

Almost the long holiday weekend,


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A whirl wind kind of day…

Yesterday. Phew, it’s over.

Miss Lily went in for surgery yesterday morning. They ended up not operating on her knee as the x-ray had shown improvement, but they did complete her vulvoplasty. I never knew they did plastic surgery on dogs…but, alas, they do. I have the drugged up puppy and lofty vet bill to prove it! Hopefully this will help decrease or eliminate her infections. Do ladies always have the short end of the stick or what?! 😉

I know Lily has a lot of fans out there, so if you think of it, please do send wishes for a speedy recovery her way. Poor pooch!! She spent most of the evening whimpering and it just about broke my heart.

THEN we found out we had a stray kitten living in our garage — it was hiding in the undersides of our cars. I wonder how many days the kitty has gone to work and back with Mr. Prevention or I!? We coaxed the kitty out with milk and I hope it found its mommy. The kitty was not friendly or socialized, so it was likely a barn cat that wandered too far away.

THEN I watered my booming garden! Check out its growth in the past week or so!

More cherry tomatoes!

THEN I made dinner. I had grocery shopped on my lunch break because I knew my last patient of the day would likely run over. At 10am I was craving taco salad, and so that’s what we had!

deer meat seasoned with taco seasoning
1 home grown cherry tomato
Biz’s homemade salsa
2% cheddar cheese
1/2 avocado


THEN I decided I needed to squeeze in a workout while watching American Idol.

Note to self: Running on a full stomach is NOT a good idea.

I made it a whopping 2 3/4 miles before deciding that was enough of that. Bleck!

THEN we watched The Biggest Loser. I had predicted O’Neal to win the at-home prize and Ashley to win it all. I was wrong on both predictions, but it was still a great finale! Darrel looked AWESOME, as did Sherry and Michael…and all the others! It’s amazing what these contestants accomplish in just a few short months.

While in theory I completely oppose the rate at which the contestants lose weight, the alternative is not preferred. The health problems these people face are life-threatening…most of them are a ticking time bomb. Drastic times call for drastic measures and I think the Biggest Loser does do good in helping contestants regain health in a very speedy fashion. It’s easy for those who don’t weight 484 pounds to sit back and disagree with the methods of the Biggest Loser. While I have my qualms as well (lots of them, trust me!), the seemingly insurmountable task set before these individuals is quickly minimized with rapid success at the scale. It’s frustrating to not see results, and a weight loss jump start is what keeps many of these contestants losing weight at home; they find some success at the ranch and began acquiring the tools they need to succeed in their life-long weight loss journey.

Biggest Loser Fans: Who did you want to win the at-home prize? Who did you want to win the grand prize?

American Idol Fans: Team Lee or Team Crystal?

Half way to Friday,


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Are we fans of “fat”?

LA Times posted a most interesting article yesterday on celebrities and the battle of the bulge. Rather than shamefully hiding weight struggles from the public eye, celebrities are using their weight struggles as a means to cash in…the big bucks.

Kristie Alley, anyone? Carnie Wilson, yeah?

Great points were made in this article:

1. Even the rich and famous are not immune to the obesity epidemic taking place in our nation — trainers, dietitians, personal chefs, and all.

2. Bariatric surgery does not produce miracles.

3. The traditional “eat less, move more” is…well, boring. Boring in the sense that it won’t earn prime time television airing, but it sure gets the job done.


Reading this article was timely — my first bariatric patient was implanted with the Lap Band® yesterday. I’m anxious and excited to see the patient’s progress and wish them all the best!

And if you watch trashy TV like me, you may watch Kendra (but probably not, because it is really, really bad reality TV). And you may have found ex-Playboy Bunny’s post-baby body struggles easy to relate to. I really appreciate Kendra for her “no fuss…take me as I am” approach to…everything! Especially her weight.

Question: Do you tend to “respect” or “disrespect” (for lack of better terms) celebrities for making public their weight struggles? Do you find it easier to relate to those who struggle with their weight or leading a healthy lifestyle?

Thanks for all your anniversary love! 🙂

Happy day,


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1 blissful year…

Not my blogiversary (that’s in a few days!)…but my wedding anniversary! Mr. Prevention and I vowed our love forever and ever to one another one year ago today. Hard to believe, it’s been one wonderful, busy, exciting year.

May 23, 2009 was a beautiful, sunny 72º in Chicago and our wedding day went off without a hitch (no lie!). We took the train into the city for pictures, rode around on a city bus, ate hot dogs in Millennium Park, and took trolleys to McDonald’s after the reception…we wanted it to be a fun day for all! Our ceremony was outdoors and my maid of honor’s brother played the keyboard and guitar and my childhood friend sang I’m Yours by Jason Mraz. Everyone loved it!

We served fun finger appetizers and had a formal sit-down meal and champagne toast. In addition to dancing and drinking, we had a candy buffet to feast upon and a photobooth for guests to take photos in. What a blast!

I had the time of my life!

Doesn’t the top layer of that cake look delicious?

After Chicago to Tulsa, we salvaged this:

Not much! The cake had defrosted and turned the bottom half of the layer into a watery cake mush! Eww! But we will enjoy some of this cake this evening, as tradition has it 🙂

Question: What makes a wedding special to you? If you had your preference, what month of the year would you get married in and why?

P.S. If you missed last week’s post about the anniversary dinner I made Mr. Prevention and I, be sure to check it out! MAJOR YUM!

Rainbows and butterflies,


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family fiesta!

Sorry for being MIA yesterday — my family is in town from Chicago! 😀 Tulsa finally has some sun and we spent the majority of yesterday basking in the sun with a few cold beers, chips, salsa, and guacamole! Paradise, I’d say!

Lily blocked out a good portion of her afternoon to sun bathe, as well:

I’m so glad you guys enjoyed hearing about my day-to-day (or hour-by-hour!) job. I am really busy, but I like it that way 🙂 Lots of you work in HR — that’s funny. Mr. Prevention does, too!

I did want to share with you all Biz’s recipe for salsa. I’ve been waiting anxiously to make this for a crowd, and yesterday was that day!

Copycat Baja Fresh Salsa slightly adapted from Biggest Diabetic Loser

7 firm medium tomatoes, cold (I used Roma)
1 jalapeno
1 clove garlic
1 tsp salt
1 ½ cups water
juice of 1 small lime or 1/2 large lime
4 tablespoons chopped cilantro (fresh)


Toss tomatoes and jalapenos in olive oil. Grill until charred, but not dripping.

Throw everything in the blender or food processor and pulse until smooth. Refrigerate until chilled.

Result: Delicious! Mine was a bit tart with the lime juice, so I would just cut it back a tad from the original recipe. Thumbs up, Biz!

I also made homemade guacamole à la Nicole!

Nicole’s Guacamole

2 large avocados
1-2 cloves garlic, minced
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp black pepper
1 Tbsp low-fat sour cream
2 Tbsp salsa
1/4 lime, juiced


Mash together and savor on a whole wheat tortilla chip!

Off to the farmer’s market and Hobby Lobby with the parental unit! 😀

Question: Have you ever made homemade salsa? Do you prefer a smooth salsa, or chunky like a pico de gallo?

Happy weekend!


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