Who wants CHOBANI!?

Before you hear about the giveaway, please drool over my dinner last night: Laughing Cow Spinach Alfredo. It was WONDERFUL! And um, so incredibly easy (but shhh, don’t tell!)!

Laughing Cow Spinach Alfredo

Laughing Cow Spinach Alfredo

6 wedges laughing cow cheese
1 cup skim milk
2 tbsp Parmesan cheese
2 tbsp reduced cal margarine
1 tsp garlic powder
5-6 handfuls of fresh baby spinach

Simmer cheeses, milk, Smart Balance Light on low until melted and heated throughout – about 15 minutes, stirring frequently. Toss in handfuls of spinach and simmer until wilted – about 3-4 minutes. Serve over your favorite whole wheat pasta and with your favorite protein. Or, just keep it veg! Mmmm!

Today was also taste-test day at work. LOTS of people participated this week – 20, in fact! A huge thumbs up from the crowd, it was all gone by 11:05am – before most people’s lunch breaks, even!

Crock Pot Chicken Tortilla Soup…and all those cookies I baked for people (other than myself) to consume!

* I am beginning to work on the recipes tab, so look for the Chicken Tortilla Soup recipe there shortly, and it is also in the Prevention Cookbook for those participating!

Shari from Chobani has graciously offered Chobani Giveaway prize packs to TWO lucky winners!! Winners will receive a Chobani case of assorted fruit flavors: strawberry, blueberry, and peach! YUMMM!

For the record: Between Oikos and Chobani, my vote goes for Chobani (complete coincidence that I’m doing a Chobani Giveaway, I swear!). In the past 24-hours I’ve re-sampled (hehe) Chobani AND Oikos, and I love how creamy and thick Chobani is. I love them both, but Chobani’s variety of flavors and thickness earns it my vote. I mean pomegranate Greek yogurt!? I think I died and went to heaven!

In order to enter the Chobani Giveaway, simply go to www.chobani.com to help you answer the below questions…one, two, or all three, for a total of three possible entries. For each question you answer, leave a separate comment below (you want all 3 submissions, don’t you? ;)).

One winner will be selected at random and one winner will be selected for providing the most insightful post…nutrition-related of course, to question #3.

1. Have you tried Chobani yogurt? If so, what flavor(s)?

2. Chobani is willing to donate 10% to one of 8 organizations/charities. Go here to vote for the organization or charity you would like to see receive the donation — which organization or charity did you vote for?

3. What makes low-fat Greek yogurt more healthful than regular low-fat yogurt?

This contest ends Wednesday, December 23rd at 8am, Central Time. Open to US residents only, sorry Canada and beyond!

P.S. Several of you have asked if I am associated with Prevention Magazine and the answer is no, though, I’d love to be! I only write and blog for my own enjoyment and receive no compensation. SOMEDAY, however, I would love, love, love to be a “real” writer and write full-time.

P.P.S. Have you still not entered the Prevention Cookbook Giveaway for your chance to win an online cookbook of over 60 recipes, but also THIS prize giveaway?! Details here! Don’t delay, entries will only be accepted through January 1st, 2010!

Laughing Cow Alfredo6 wedges laughing cow cheese
1 cup skim milk
2 tbsp Parmesan cheese
2 tbsp reduced cal margarine
1 tsp garlic powder



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57 responses to “Who wants CHOBANI!?

  1. That pasta dish looks so yummy and so easy! I love creamy sauces but don’t get them that often cause we all know they aren’t the healthiest.
    Did you use the original flavor laughing cow?

  2. I have tried a few flavors, I really liked the pineapple. I found the pommegranate to get difficult as it was smooth, then crunchy. I liked it, but it was a funky consistency mix for me. I tried another one but I swear I can’t remember which one.

  3. I voted for the ADA since, well, I am a member.

  4. For the third question I will go with higher protein content.

  5. Morgan

    1. I’ve tried Chobani strawberry, blueberry and vanilla. I typically prefer strawberry yogurt to other flavors.

  6. Morgan

    2. Doctors Without Borders!! My sister (who is a first year resident at MGH in surgery) participates in this organization and has traveled to some of the poorest places in Africa to help those in need. I admire her!

  7. Morgan

    3. Low fat Greek yogurt is healthier than low fat regular yogurt for a couple of reasons:
    first being the higher protein content: typically 14 g/per serving compared to 6 g/per serving. Protein helps make you feel fuller longer which is great if you are trying to curb your calorie intake.
    also, greek yogurt has less lactose b/c much of the whey has been removed. This is a better option for people with a lactose intolerance.

  8. I have yet to try this but it definitely looks good!

  9. Morgan

    a slight revision to my #3 answer…protein not only makes you feel fuller longer, but is a necessary staple in your diet!! Protein should make up 12-20% of the calories you eat.

  10. great recipe oh I use laughing cow all the time like this so cool oh I know I was far from the lap top just messing with it for fun!! he he

    Love Rebecca

  11. Greek yogurt has so much protein. That’s what sold me on it.

    I have to admit that I’ve only been a fan of greek yogurt for about 3 months. The first time I tasted it I wasn’t sure, but now I can’t eat regular yogurt anymore!

  12. Chobani is great!! I love it and I love all the flavors they offer, and they are always a good price!!!! My favorite flavors are the plain, because I love adding in some PB or Maple Syrup for flavor add adding in granola or cereal!!! I LOVE the Pomegranate flavor as well, that and Chocolate PB!! Yum!!!

    I voted for the Action For Healthy Kids Charity on the choban site, I really feel it is important for kids to eat better and get more physical activity, getting more nutritious meals at school would be great, when I went to school it was always very unhealthy food : [ It is so important to start teaching healthy habits to kids young!!!

    Love this giveaway!!!

    Have a great night!!! xo

  13. LOVE Chobani. I wish I could find it near me. I loved the pineapple!

  14. Yep, I’m drooling! I love using Laughing Cow in recipes, it’s the perfect combination of flavor and texture.

    Not going to enter the giveaway, as I have about 20 coupons for Greek yogurt I’ve been using since the FNCE conference. I am not worthy.

  15. Ibu

    I want chobani!

    Greek yogurt is much more better than regular yogurt because it’s high in protein and there’re no artficial sweetners in it..

  16. I have never tried Chobani yogurt before :-(. It’s not in stores by me.

  17. I voted for Energy Up! It sounds like a great program for teenagers, helping them to make wise decisions for their physical AND mental health.

  18. For #3, greek yogurt is more healthy for many reasons. First it has twice the protein of regular yogurts, which is good for recovery after exercise and also for satiety. Chobani yogurt is also all natural with no preservatives or artificial flavors. This is great because why would you want artificial anything? This yogurt has REAL fruit! Their yogurt also includes 5 live & active cultures, including 3 probiotics. This is great for your digestive system, and I should know – I suffer from irritable bowl syndrome! And who can forget the importance of bone-building calcium! This is a great way to get your calcium even if you don’t like milk, etc. Calcium is especially important for kids building bones and older women who tend to loose bone mass. So pass me some greek yogurt please!!

  19. wow SWEET pasta dish girl!! I LOVE CHOBANI
    1. pineapple flavor..FROZEN
    2. action for kids
    3. the amazing protein content!

  20. kay

    i’ve tried the peach flavor once and loved it! i’d really like to try their new pineapple flavor!

  21. Hi Nicole!

    Wow, your blog is really picking up!! I’m super happy for you, that’s fantastic. You deserve it, as your blog is really informative and entertaining 🙂

    Regarding your comment on my blog, I do drink my coffee black. I don’t like it any other way, unless it has a lot of milk and Purevia in it. I don’t like just a little bit of”stuff” in my coffee. If I have anything, I go all the way!

  22. p.s. I just gave you an award 🙂

  23. Nice post. Your blog is so bright and colorful 🙂

  24. LOVE chobani!! I have only had the plain and vanilla so the fruit flavors would be AWESOME to have!

  25. low fat yog is healthier than full fat because of the higher protein content and obv it’s also lower in fat! the protein helps satisfy a hungry belly and also PACKED with muscle building protein!!

  26. First of all, that alfredo looks amazing! I love hearing all the ways that bloggers use Laughing Cow cheese.

    2nd, I want to enter the giveaway! Love this!

    I have not tried Chobani only because I fell in love with Fage right away. But I love their variety of flavors and definitely want to give it a try!

  27. I voted for Energy Up…I hadn’t heard of the organization before, but I think it’s really important that we start teaching the youth how to live a healthier lifestyle.

  28. Greek yogurt typically has double the protein of regular yogurt. Plus, it has an amazing dense and creamy consistency.

  29. Looove the giveaway! And that recipe sounds genious–so easy, and I love laughing cow 🙂 I have actually never tried Chobani–so nows my chance 😉

  30. I’ve tried the plain, vanilla, honey, and blueberry! I am dying to try their new flavors!

  31. I voted for Livestrong because I am all for helping prevent cancer.

  32. Chobani has double the protein of yogurt!

  33. I’ve made the laughing cow alfredo before and it’s amazing!

  34. 1. Have you tried Chobani yogurt? If so, what flavor(s)?

    No, I haven’t tried it, but I would like to.

  35. 2. Chobani is willing to donate 10% to one of 8 organizations/charities. Go here to vote for the organization or charity you would like to see receive the donation — which organization or charity did you vote for?

    I voted for Action for Healthy Kids

  36. 3. What makes low-fat Greek yogurt more healthful than regular low-fat yogurt?

    First of all, there are no synthetic growth hormones. While not specific to Greek yogurt, Chobani is made with real fruit, a stark contrast to some other brands. A big one for me is the amount of protein in Chobani. According to their site their yogurt contains twice the protein of regular yogurts. Perhaps one of the better selling points, to me anyhow, is that the milk used to make Chobani is from local farms, which is always a good option.

  37. I’ve tried plain, vanilla, peach, and blueberry, but Vanilla is my favorite!!! Which is weird because i’m usually a berry person. 🙂 WHAT a fantastic giveaway!! I’d love to win!!

  38. As an aspiring dentist (going to dental school next year!! wahoo!!) I voted for Doctors without Borders!!! 🙂

    Info: Doctors Without Borders is an international emergency medical organization that provides lifesaving medical care to those who are victims of war and disaster regardless of race, religion, or politics, in more than 60 countries.

  39. Greek yogurt is made using a straining process using yogurt cultures and milk. According to the Chobani website, it takes 3 lbs of milk to make 1 lb of greek yogurt!! It is this straining process that gives the yogurt my favorite trait of Greek yogurt – It has TWICE the amount of protein of regular low-fat yogurt!

    More specific to Chobani, they do not use any preservatives, synthetic growth hormones, or artificial flavors.They include live cultures, including 3 probiotics. The most interesting thing about Greek yogurt is that it gets its rich and creamy texture through the straining process. Unlike regular AND greek-style (fake Greek, i call it) which gets its thicker texture through things like stabilizers, gelatine, and gum blends (ick!). Therefore Greek Yogurt is all-natural and healthier than most other yogurts!! 🙂

  40. mmmm – my favorite yogurt!!

    I voted for “Action For Healthy Kids.” I’m a former teacher and LOVE kids…it just makes me so sad that they are cutting out P.E. in so many school systems. 😦

  41. Sorry – my answers are mixed up in order! 😉

    1. Yes, I have tried Chobani and LOVE it. My favorite flavors are strawberry and blueberry, though I can’t find pineapple here (and I have this feeling THAT would be my favorite!). I’ve also tried peach and vanilla.

  42. 3. When people ask me why I eat greek yogurt over regular yogurt, I tell them for one reason – the protein! For the 14-18 grams of protein in each Chobani, that puts my regular yogurt to SHAME! It keeps me full so much longer.

  43. Great recipe. I’m always looking for healthy alternatives to alfredo. It’s my absolute favorite. I’ll try this soon!

  44. that pasta looks so yummy!

    i have tried chiobani, i think all their flavors, my fav is pineapple 🙂 i voted for Action for Healthy Kids, although they’re all good causes! love the higher protein content of greek yogurt, a definite plus in my book.

  45. I won’t participate because I just won Chobani on another site so that will be greedy lol…goodluck to the winner! Chobani is delish =)

    BTW did you get my email with my recipe????

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  47. gfear

    I eat it every day!!! Plain for me! But I dress it up with fruit, splenda, flaxseed, or use it unsweetened with savory recipes like curry or indian food. Or in place of sour cream on chili. 🙂

    I vote for ADA. Loyalty baby.

    I love the high protein, and the reduced lactose!


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  51. I have never tried Chobani before, but I’ve heard many good things so I just may have to break down and buy it already.

  52. I voted for Energy Up!

  53. is it better for you because of the high protein content?

  54. Doralise Abreu

    If you can how many calories does this dish have

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