Giveaway Winner!

Meredith of Pursing Balance drew my name as her giveaway winner. Thank you, Meredith! In addition to great giveaways, she also writes one great blog! Check it out!
Here’s what I won! 
Picture taken from Meredith of Pursuing Balance

My winnings:
  • Whey Krisp Bar (with organic whey, peanut butter, and chia seeds)
  • Yogurt-coated Wild Berry Burst Energy Bar (with organic dates, sunflowerseed butter, soy protein, and honey)
  • Orange Greensicle stick pack (150% vitamin C, 100% calcium & Vitamin D)
  • Original Superfood stick pack (packed with 29 superfoods)
  • Wild Berry Burst stick pack (high in antioxidants)
  • Chia + Omega3 stick pack (high in fiber and omega 3)

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